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Based on data obtained from the world’s most advanced 3D body scanning system, genetic levels, and so forth,

our team of specialists in each field will help you attain a genuine body transformation that you will not find anywhere else.

Introduce of the service

  • Training


    60/90 minutes of strength training twice a week.Even if you are new to training, your trainer will carefully instruct you on the correct form and training methods.
    Our experienced trainers will guide you toward attaining your ideal physique.

  • Maintenance stretch

    Maintenance stretch

    Training sessions are followed by stretching, depending on your physical condition.Stretching after training can help alleviate accumulated fatigue and muscular pain the next day.

  • Slimming esthetics

    Slimming esthetics

    We actively employ the latest slimming equipment and techniques to address stubborn fat and cellulite that cannot be reduced by muscle training or diet control alone.
    By maintaining slimming esthetics, you can be one step closer to achieving your ideal body in the shortest possible time.

  • Food control

    Food control

    A certified nutritionist provides daily dietary guidance during the program.
    They provide detailed advice on the calorie and nutritional intake suited to each individual.



The InBody470 body composition analyzer,
which utilizes the world's most advanced
3D body scanning system
as well as the latest data analysis system,
ensures that visible changes and alterations
in body composition are fully captured.

Furthermore, based on the reliable information obtained from the genetic level via DNA testing,
which reveals the causes of weight gain,
we develop finely tuned programs for training, slimming esthetics, and food control.

By knowing the truth about the body, rather than relying on uncertain information,
we can plot a course for the physical build ideal for you.


You will train one-on-one with a trainer for 60/90 minutes.
Your trainer will advise you on your diet.
This course is recommended for first-timers.
The Basic Course includes dietary guidance from a nutritionist, maintenance stretching, and even a protein prescription. This is sure to help you achieve your ideal figure more reliably.
Plus esthetic
This Complete Course includes slimming esthetic treatment. This is the most popular course among the ones we offer. We can help you achieve your ideal physique in the shortest possible time.
The Complete Course includes access to our tanning machine. By developing golden-brown skin, your well-trained muscles will be articulated more clearly, helping you to achieve a masculine and defined muscular body.


staff comment メイクインボディー Representative
Ryohei Ishimaru

Always believe that the human body can transform!
When your body changes,
your outlook and way of life change with it!

Always believe that the human body can transform!
When your body changes, your outlook and way of life change with it! This is the reality that I have personally experienced.
I became a trainer to show people that they can rid themselves of body complexes, and that anyone can proudly navigate their way through life with confidence and vigor.

~メイクインボディー~ is one of the best total body workout studios in Japan, a direct product of integrating my knowledge, experience, and ideals as a personal and conditioning trainer.The multifaceted approach of our team of experts, who base their practice on scientific analysis data, is well worth a try for those who have tried everything and think results are impossible.

All our welcome here, including those burdened with weighty complexes, frustrating pasts, and disappointing experiences.
Our experts will work in tandem with you to help create your ideal body, mind, and life.

I think it takes courage to take the first step, such as being worried about whether your needs will be understood, or being afraid of training in an unfamiliar environment. Not only Japanese but also many overseas clients have graduated from メイクインボディー, and we have a number of people of various nationalities who continue to come to メイクインボディー and work hard to improve their physical prowess.

Change your life!

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Opening hours
10:00 〜 22:00(closed on Wednesdays)
Hit-Tenjin-Building2F 4-4-18 Tenjin ward, Chuo-ku Fukuoka city
*4 minutes walk from the Fukuoka Subway Airport Line Tenjin Station.
*6 minutes walk from the Nishitetsu Oomuta Line Fukuoka Station(Tenjin).